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The Anglo Trading Estate comprises mainly of the The Anglo-Bavarian Brewery was originally established in Shepton Mallet in Somerset, England in 1864. It has been claimed as the first lager brewery in the United Kingdom, although the claim is disputed. It closed in 1920. The building, now the Anglo Trading Estate, is a grade II listed building.

The brewery was built for Morrice, Cox and Clarke of London, and was initially called the Shepton Mallet Pale Ale Brewery. During the construction work on the site pottery kilns, used to make Severn Valley Ware, dating from the first to second century were discovered. In 1871, the business was sold by auction to Hill, Garton and Company of Southampton, who subsequently expanded and modernised it. In 1872 the Pale Ale Brewery was renamed the Anglo-Bavarian Brewery.

In April 1947 the buildings began their new life as the Anglo Trading Estate, providing warehousing and distribution to a range of expanding local businesses such as Clarks the shoe-makers. The Air Ministry returned the remainder of the site in 1964. Ownership of the Trading Estate later passed to J H Haskins & Son Ltd who are the current owners.

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